Library during Napoleon's Invasion of Russia of 1812

The article describes the life of the Imperial Public Library (the former name of the National Library of Russia) during the Franco - Russian War of 1812. Using archival documents, it detailly examines a little-known episode of the evacuation of books from St. Petersburg.

This article was prepared by the researcher Ludmila Volftsun.

The year of 1812 is a landmark in the history of Russia. Going through trials, hardships and glorious victories of the war year, the Russian nation demonstrated its best features. The Patriotic War of 1812 has remained deeply impressed in the memory of the next generations. Today, 200 years after the events of that time, they so far raise keen public interest. The year was special for the Imperial Public Library (IPA), although its beginning was in no way connected with the «stormy evens of 1812». The Library got ready to open.