Collection of Literature Marked "for Official Use"

The collection includes domestic publications in Russian, containing unclassified information of a departmental level, marked "for Official Use" since 1966. Its work is determined by the Federal Acts, in particular the Act On State Secrets (Article 5 "List of information constituting state secrets", Article 7 "Information not classified as state secrets"), theAct On Combating Extremist Activities, the Protection of Information Act and the Regulation on Official Information of Limited Distribution.

Restrictions on the issuance of documents, protecting state and official secrets, are established by the publishing organizations. Only they have the right to lift the confidentiality of documents and made the publications available to all users. The criteria limiting the access to the departmental literature are regularly revised.

The collection consist of:

  • Books Marked "for Official Use" (from 1961 to the present),including dissertation abstracts (from 1961 to the present) [182 thousand items and 65 thousand titles];
  • Journals (from 1961 to 2000), [ 4,5 thousand volumes],
  • Standarts and Technical Documents, including inventor's certificate (from 1986 to 2000) [about 227 thousand items].


Description of the Collection

Brief Summary