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Autographed Scores

A gramophone record with a performance of Ferucco Buzoni Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.'Symphony No. 3 , Op. 32' Scores from the collection of Nikolai Burenin David Pritsker. 'Introduction and Toccata'
Scores and gramophone records donated to the National Library of Russia

The Printed Music and Recorded Sound collections contain rarities such as printed scores bearing autographs. Among them are autographs of well-known composers signed a copy just after its publication. One can find many copies inscribed by the owner. Dedication copis with author's presentation inscription to someone, including the Library, are not infrequent.

Sacred compositions by A.L'vov with the author's autograph The 'Children's Scherzo' by M.Mussorgsky with the author's autograph The title-page of the score of the 'C-major Symphony' by Mily Balakirev The song cycle by Richard Strauss and poems by Alfred Kerr

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