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French Material from the 1871 Paris Commune

From the time of the Paris Commune the Library has the collection of material produced in France during the first part of the year 1871. The 1871 Paris Commune collection entered the Library in its entirety as it became available. In 1872 it was purchased from the French collector Eugène Muntz through the mediation of Peter Lavrov, the prominent figure of the leading 19th century Russian revolutionary movement, the Narodnaia Volia.

The collection covers both pro-and anti-Commune publications. It contains almost all issues of newspapers and journals published in Paris during the Commune: there are some 1900 issues in total. Coverage of single-sheet broadsides and proclamations, pamphlets, drawings and caricatures on political subjects is less comprehensive. The collection includes a number of unique printed material, which means it is an invaluable research resource for the study of the nineteenth-century French history.

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