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Miniature Books

Ivan Krylov. Fables. St Petersburg, 1856
Ivan Krylov. Fables. St Petersburg, 1856

The collection comprises around 2,000 miniature books which are no more than 100x100 mms. in size. These exquisitely designed and printed masterpieces are important expressions of the book arts. They speak about the delicate taste and craftsmanship of their makers. The earliest miniature items are from the 18th century.

In the nineteenth century, many well-known Russian publishers began to produce popular, fine books of very small size. Publishing houses of A.Suvorin and F.Ioganson, the print shop of the Department for the Production of State Papers published miniature series of works of Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Krylov, and other famous writers. After the revolution of 1917, miniature editions of political works, the works of the marxist-leninist writers, and State papers appeared alongside tiny volumes of literature and art.

The tiny books were brought together in a single collection. Since 1972, miniature items have shelfmarks with the prefix "72-0".

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