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St. Petersburg - Leningrad

The collection of material, relating to St. Petersburg - Petrograd - Leningrad was acquired from the bibliophile аnd historian A. Savel'ev in 1936. /Petrograd is the name for St. Petersburg in 1914-1924, Leningrad is the name for St. Petersburg in 1924-1990./

The Savel'ev collection contains the nineteenth-century material, several books from the time of the Peter the Great, guidebooks to the city; historical works devoted to State institutions, educational institutions, commercial firms, army troops which were situated in St. Petersburg, as well as publications from the 1920-30s. In the 1940s the Savel'ev collection was supplemented by some material from the Reserve Stock. The collection now consists of approximately 5,000 diverse publications. It includes books, pamphlets, albums published from 1703 to 1947 in Rusian and West European languages.

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