Along the Banks of the Volga River

Masterpieces of the Russian photography from the second half of the 19th century
in the collection of the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg.

Vasiliy(William) Carrick (1827 - 1878), who finished the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and was one of the first Russian photographers that began to make genre realistic pictures, used the peculiarities of ethnographic style in a completely different way. In the 1870s, he journeyed to the Volga region in order to photograph representatives of different nations, peasants at work and in private life. Unlike Raoult's pictures, the images by Carrick are not monumental. The artists had a remarkable ability to snapshot a peculiar expression, movement or gesture, which makes his photographs especially fascinating. Carrick often conveys both psychological and social characteristic of his types. The artist himself and many of his contemporaries considered his works to be a vivid historical documentary photography archive of his time.

William Carrick. A Woman at the Window. William Carrick. Girls By a Wood Hut William Carrick. A Russian Beauty William Carrick. A Mordvin Man from Simbirsk Province.

Vasiliy (William) Carrick.
A Mordvin Man from Simbirsk Province. 1870s

William Carrick. A Girl and a Woman from the Village of Poretskoye of Simbirsk Province. William Carrick. A Peasant Woman from Tver Province William Carrick. Peasant Children at the Water Carrier Barrel

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