In the celebration of 250 years of the Russian Academy of Arts

The grand building of the Academy of Arts in St Petersburg attracted attention of postcard publishers as early as the first years of the twentieth century. The Prints Department collection includes a postcard showing the facade of the Academy, which was printed by the Moscow publishing firm «Scherer, Nabholz & Co.». The handwritten text dates from 14 (27) November 1901. The postcard was sent from Tsarskoye Selo (now the town of Pushkin) to the Continental Paris hotel. This is a part of correspondence of Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich of Russia (1879 - 1956) with his mother, Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna. So far as the sculpture of Minerva, adorning the dome of the Academy, can be still seen on the postcard, it may be assumed that the photographic original, from which the postcard was printed, was not done any later than 1900. The photograph dating from the same period was also reproduced on the postcard, issued no later than 1904 by St Petersburg publishing house «R.L.». Then the same view was published at the same number by the company «Richard». The photograph showing trams on the backround of the Academy, used by the publisher «A.M.K.», was taken after 1907 when the city's first electric tram line opened.

The Academy of Arts The Academy of Arts The Imperial Academy of Arts

The largest publishing company in Russia, which printed postcards, - the «Community of St. Eugenia», began issuing those, related to the Academy of Arts, for the first time in 1905. At that time the Community published series of repproductions of works of art, drawn from the collection of the Museum of the Academy for Historical and Artistic Exhibition of Russian Portraits at the Tauride Palace in St Petersburg.

Prince Alexander Borisovich Repnin Prince Ivan Borisovich Repnin Stephano Torelli. Catherine II as Minerva Francois Nicolas Riss. Vasili Zhukovsky

The Community of St. Eugenia published reproductions of diverse works, kept at the Museum of the Academy, right up to 1915.

Aleksander Moravov. The Ancient Hall Pietro Rotari. Half Length Portraits of Girls
Dmitry Kardovsky. The Senate  Session under Peter the Great Victor Aden. The Antipodes

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