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New Year's Postcards of Elisabeth Boehm

Charming winter scenes by the notable Russian artist Elisabeth Boehm or Elizaveta Bem (1843 - 1914) appeared on Christmas and New Year's postcards at the turn-of-the-20th-century.

Elisabeth Boehm (Elizaveta Bem) studied at the School of Painting at the Society for Promotion of Artists in Saint Petersburg during 1857 - 1864 and graduated from the school with the Large Silver Medall. In 1870, the Petersburg Academy of Arts awarded E.Boehm with a Large Encouragement Medal for her animal paintings. E.Boehm was an outstanding master of silhouette: over a fourteen-year period (1875 - 1889), she created 14 silhouette albums. Both domestic and foreign publishers reproduced her art works; Boehm won a silver medal for her silhouettes at an international competition in Brussels. She had a great success as a watercolorist as well. In 1870 the artist took part in an art exhibition of watercolours in Paris. She was rewarded with a golden medal for the works: "Cats", "Game-bag", and "Country children". Boehm also worked on books, magazines and other illustrations, she was a successful designer of cut glass.

Elisabeth Boehm was best known for her postcards. Much of her work is based on Russian life and folklore. She produced over 300 postcard designs, mostly children for holiday greetings. Scenes of childhood had inspired the artist who created some of the most memorable children's images of her time.

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