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  • Images of Saint-Petersburg (1900 - 1941)
    The National Library of Russia is pleased to present the distinguished Churakov collection. It is the largest single collection of views of world towns in the post-cards section of the Print Department's holdings. The Churakov collection holds over 55,000 post-cards, dated between the late 1890s and 1941.
    The Churakov collection is particularly strong in the material relating to our city. About 900 images of Saint Pitersburg (Petrograd-Leningrad) are available online and can be viewed via the web.

  • Sestroretsk with its environs (1900 - 1917)
    (Suburbs of Saint-Petersburg)

    About 200 images of Sestroretsk (suburb of Saint-Petersburg) can be viewed via the web.

  • Psalter published by Ivan Fedorov, 1570
    The Book of Psalms was a widespread sacred book for use in worship, study in schools, and reading at home. The Zabludov edition is a very fine masterpiece of printing arts, richly decorated with a large number of illuminated initial letters, ornamental page titles, head ornaments and tailpieces etc. The book is illustrated by two engravings that feature a figure of the traditional author of the Psalms King David and the coat of arms of H. Khodkevych. The Psalter was printed in the Old Church Slavonic alphabet. Only 4 copies of the Zabludov edition have survived: in London, in Ukraine, in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  • Exploration and Settlement of Siberia and the Russian Far East
    Bilingual, multimedia Russian-English digital library that focuses on the exploration and settlement of Siberia and the Russian Far East, the parallel American exploration and settlement of the West, and the meeting of the Russian-American frontier in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.
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