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International Cooperation of the National Library of Russia
Goals and Objectives

International cooperation comprises one of the major paths of activities of the National Library of Russia. It aims at the high level of presence of the NLR in the International Library community and a strong international authority of the library and its staff. Our goals and objectives are developed based on the NLR’s strategic plans as well as on the International priorities in culture, information and science of the Russian Federation.

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Active participation in international professional organizations.
  2. Participation in major international projects, including creation of digital resources.
  3. Partnership with national libraries and other cultural institutions in the world.
  4. Coordination of the international activities with the two partner national libraries in Russia: the Russian State Library and the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library.
  5. Professional exchange with the international partners.
  6. Assistance to the libraries abroad, especially those suffered natural and political disasters.
  7. Promotion of the NLR’s resources and remote access to them for the international community.
  8. Cooperation with the foreign consulates in St. Petersburg in developing international projects.
  9. Cooperation with the Committee on International Relations of the government of St. Petersburg and the Representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affaires of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg , as well as with international associations in the city.
  10. Informing the NLR staff about the most important international events, projects and initiatives.
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