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International Activities Department

Guided Tours

The International Activities Department receives requests and guides tours for NLR’s guests in English.

Types of tours

  • General tour.
  • Special tour:
    • Manuscripts Department
    • Rare Books Department
    • Voltaire’s Library
    • Preferred departments
Price of tours

Group tour - 10 euro per person
Individual tour - 20 euro per person
Please note: The group’s guide passes for free.

Duration of tour

40 - 90 minutes
Please note: Tours may vary in duration (please specify your time).

Tours are arranged on weekdays from 11 a .m. until 3 p.m., except Saturdays, Sundays and the official holidays.

Contact information

For forein visitors:
Morozova, Xenia
International Activities Department
Tel.: +7-812-310-98-50
Fax: +7-812-310-61-48

For the Russian visitors:
Liudmila Leontieva
Olga Smirnova
Tel./fax number: (812) 310-68-75
Adress: (1/3 Ostrovskii Square)

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