Topographical description of the New Russian capital city. 1726-1727

Topographische Vorstellung der Neuen Russischen Haupt-Residenz und See-Stadt St. Petersburg samt ihrer zu erst aufgerichten Vestug welche von Ihro Czaar Majt Petro Alexxiewitz aller Russen selbst Er. Balter etc. etc. etc… …[Topographical description of New Russian capital city and seaport of Saint Petersburg with the original Fortress by His Majesty Tsar Petr Alexievich, Emperor of All Russians, in person in the Baltic etc. etc.]

Place of Publication: Nuremberg.
Publisher: Homann J.B.
Date of Publication: 1726-1727.
Size: 1 sh. 51х60 сm.
Technique: Copper-plate Engraving. Hand-colored.
Scale: [1:21 000].

A reprint was issued by Johann Baptist Homann, the mapmaker and engraver in Nuremberg, in association with West European tours made by Peter I in 1716 and 1717. This map mirrors both the actual (by early in the year 1718) architectural fabric of the new capital and scheduled buidling projects. In particular, it shows the canal system in Vasilievsky Island designed by D. Trezzini. Although never built, the canal system forms the set of modern streets in the Island.

Decorative cartouches have a portrait of Peter I, surrounded by allegorical figures, and a view of Kronschlot Fort with double-headed eagle and Tsar's monogram.

Top left there is an auxiliary map of the Neva from Lake Ladoga to the Gulf of Finland, with decorative allegorical figure of St. Peter the Apostle, holy patron of the city.

The map includes a letter index to public buildings.

For J.B. Homann made more than one map of Russian territories and, according to some evidence, Peter I awarded him with the title of Russian charge d'affaires, two medals and a gold chain.

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