On-line exhibition
Maps of Leningrad Oblast (1562-1934)

        On display are maps of Leningrad Oblast dating back to the sixteenth century. The maps represent many place names and make it possible to trace the centuries-old history of the development of the area.

On-line exhibition
Kronstadt. 300 Years of its Founding.
Maps (1703-2001) and postcards (1904-1917)

        Kronstadt was founded in 1704 by Peter the Great to guard the approaches to the city of Saint Petersburg.
        The exhibition showes prints, maps and plans of the 18th-20th centuries from collections of the Cartography Department and the 19th century postcards from collections of the Print Department.

On-line collection
Sestroretsk with its Environs.
Postcards (1900-1941)

        On display is a selection of approximately 200 postcards from the distinguished Churakov collection. It is the largest single collection of views of world towns in the postcards section of the Print Department's holdings. The Churakov collection holds over 55,000 postcards, dated between the late 1890s and 1941.
         The Churakov collection is particularly strong in the material relating to our city and its suburbs. Images of suburbs of Saint Pitersburg (Petrograd-Leningrad) are available online and can be viewed via the web.

On-line exhibition
Tsarskoye Selo. (The Town of Pushkin).
Maps (1796-2003) and postcards (1900-1958)

        Since the second half of the 18th century, Pushkin (the former Tsarskoye Selo), one of the most beautiful suburbs of Saint Petersburg, served as the summer residence of the Russian imperial family.
        The exhibition contains maps and plans from the Cartography Department's collections as well as postcards from the Print Department's collections, showing the town of Pushkin and its immediate vicinity from the end of the 18th century to the present.

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