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Paper Copies

The Reproductions & Translation Department provides high-quality paper copies of materials from the Library's collections, excluding the manuscript collection, as well as copies of materials belonging to external customers.

All copies are produced by direct photocopying and are reproduced onto white paper. There are Ricoh Japan Enterprise copiers applied in the Reproductions & Translation Department. Such copy machines made A3 or A4 copies, measuring 297x420 mm and 210x297 mm correspondingly. Copies are available in black and white or in colour.
Original items can be reduced to 50 percent and enlarged to 200 percent of the actual size.

How to Order Paper Copies

  • You can place orders remotely via e-mail or by post.

    Contact Information

    Address: 18, Sadovaya Street, St. Petersburg, 191069
    Telephone: (812) 310-98-46
    Department Head: Igor' Konyaev

  • Orders may be placed at the Copy Desks in the Library.

    Four the Copy Services Desks are available in the Library. One of them is open to all visitors and undertakes copying of material belonging to external customers or items from our collections. The other three desks may be available only for those with a Library reader card, and they undertake copying of documents only from the NLR holdings.

    Document Type Location Contact points
    Documents from the NLR holdings, customer's materials including microfilms and microfiches Copy Desk for External Customers Separate entrance into the Reproductions & Translation Department, 18, Sadovaya str.,
    Gostiny Dvor Metro Station
    Tel: (812) 310-98-46,
    Documents from the NLR holdings Copy Desk in the Main Building 1/3, Ostrovsky Square,
    Gostiny Dvor Metro Station
    Tel: (812)718-86-70
    Documents from the NLR holdings Copy Desk in the New Building 165/2, Moskovsky pr.,
    Park Pobedy Metro Station
    Tel:(812) 723-97-61
    Documents from the NLR holdings Copy Desk on the Fontanka 36., Fontanka emb.,
    Mayakovskaya and Gostiny Dvor Metro Stations
    Tel:(812) 272-47-60

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