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Photographic Reproductions

The Reproductions & Translation Department provides high-quality photographs of materials from the Library's collections as well as copies of materials belonging to customers.

Black & white and colour photographic prints are available in a variety of sizes.

How to Order Photographs

  • You can place orders remotely via e-mail or by post.
  • Orders may be placed at the Copy Desk in the Reproductions & Translation Department.
    Customers can place their orders at the desk or collect them from Monday till Friday from 10 am till 17.30 pm with a break from 12 till 12.30 p.m.

    Contact Information

    Address: Separate entrance into the Reproductions & Translation Department, 18, Sadovaya Str.
    Gostiny Dvor Metro Station
    Tel: (812) 310-98-46

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