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Reference Services

The National library of Russia provides a package of information and reference services using the unique NLR collection, search and information Library mechanism. The last one includes traditional and electronic catalogues, Board of auxiliary fund consisted of executed inquiries fund, unpublished bibliographical registers and card catalogues. Along with traditional information sources for the readers service the use:
- Local databases of the separate themes;
- Foreign and home bibliographical and factographical databases on CD-ROM;
- Network Internet resources.

Bibliographical services in the reading rooms include:

  • Consultations for the NLR readers in the reference desks in the reading rooms and in the places for access to electronic catalogues.
  • Execution of oral inquiries of the theme, methodical, factographical, address and specifying nature using the NLR electronic catalogue, system of reference and bibliographical editions and the database on CD-ROM.

Operational bibliographical service is provided in all the sectoral reading rooms of the NLR Main Buildings and the NLR New Buildings.

Additional paid services:

  • Providing for the NLR readers with information from the Saint-Petersburg EPS (information and legal system), the Market Economy database and the database on CD (MEDLINE, EMBASE etc.)

Internet-Class services include:

  • Arranged independent users access to the web resources
  • Consulting on Internet information search.

Additional paid services:

  • Search in electronic resources including on-line bibliographical and full text databases (together with an adviser);
  • Search results recording on the diskette;
  • Search results printing;
  • Users instruction;

One may get necessary bibliographical information in the NLR divisions as follows:

  • Bibliographic Reference Division
  • Processing and Cataloging Division
  • Cartography Division
  • Manuscripts Division
  • Prints Division
  • Interlibrary Exchange Division
  • Bibliography and Area Studies Division
  • Collections and Services Division
  • (Russian newspapers stock, foreign newspapers stock, stock of normative - engineering specifications and engineering specifications, stock of formation processing editions, stock of library study, stock of editions for service use, the Central Reference Library, Youth Reading Room).
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