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Desks of access to electronic resources (Internet-classes) are established in the Main Building (1/3 Ostrovskii Square), the New Library Building (165 Moskovskiy pr.) and in the Youth Reading Room (36 Fontanka river nab.). The Internet-classes are intended for independent readers work in the Internet and on-line information search in the databases.

Here one may get access to full texts of science reviews by the publishing house as follows: Elsevier Science, Springer, Blackwell, RsoC, Institute of Physics, Emerald etc.

Complete texts of home reviews and newspapers are made accessible in the Integrum database.

Possibility of simultaneous information search within a wide range of full text electronic encyclopedias and references both home and foreign.

The NLR reader use Internet in addition to traditional bibliographical service at the desks of common and sectoral reading rooms.

You are not allowed to use Internet for entertainment purposes because of the NLR status.

Contact information:
Address:1/3 Ostrovskii Square
165/2 Moskovskiy pr.
Telephone: (812) 718 86 63
Solov'ova Helene Borisovna
The Internet-class chief

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