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Information and Service Center

The Center provides a range of services for people requiring bibliographic information.

The Department of Bibliographic Information staff offer the following services:

  • bibliographic search in the customer's area of interest
  • specification of bibliographic information
  • brief enquiries
  • factual information search

The resources used by the Department of Bibliographic Information staff are:

  • catalogues of National Library of Russia (NLR) and other Libraries of the world,
  • on-line data bases and NLR net,
  • bibliographic indexes, abstract journals and other types of bibliographic publications,
  • free and commercially-priced Internet resources.

The Computer Department provides the customers with an access to the Internet. The staff help the customer to find information in the Internet or relevant publications in on-line databases if necessary. The search in bibliographic databases is carried out both at the presence of a customer or by responding written enquiries (order forms are available at the enquiry desks).

The copy services such as copying, scanning of images and texts, printing, record on CD are also available at the Information and Service Centre. The remote users may receive information about the ISC on its official website. It's also possible to make written enquiries by e-mail.

Contact information

Address:20 Sadovaya Street, St.-Petersburg, 191069, Russia
Telephone: (812) 718-85-73
Fax: (812) 310-96-76
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