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Legal Information Center

Legal Information Center was established within the NLR under Conception of Legal Informatization of Russia according to Establishment of Nationwide Network of Public Centers of Legal Information on a Public Libraries Basis interdepartmental programme.

The center was open on October 1999 and became the ninth center of this kind in Russia.

Its mission is to provide legal information at no charge to citizens. Visitors can use five computers to get access to legal documents.

There are four Legal and Reference Systems (SPS) available through the computers in the center:

Each database contains more than two million documents.
Each database is enriched by more than a hundred new documents daily.
SPS are updated daily.

Documents include:

  • Normative acts of the Russian federation (federal laws of the Russian Federation, Acts of the President of the Russian Federation, Acts of the Government of the Russian Federation, etc.
  • Bills
  • Documents accepted by government authorities of the Russian Federation subjects
  • Normative acts of Saint-Petersburg city hall and the Leningrad region administration
  • Comments on legislation
  • Standard technical documentation: Construction Rules and Regulations (SNiP's), State Standard Specifications (GOST's), Sanitary Rules and Instructions (SanPiN's), etc.)
  • Documents of judiciary law and arbitration procedure
  • Systems of accounting and reporting
  • Forms of legal and business documents
  • Articles from periodicals on law and economy
  • Reference and economic information
  • International contracts and agreements, documents of international institutions

The Center maintains electronic guides to sources of information on government and law, prepared by the Legal Information Center specialists and placed at the NLR web-site:

Legal Resources Guide

The guide provides the list of Internet sources of interest to legal researchers. It has three-level structure.
The Guide consists of two parts:

part one includes Russian web-sites:

State authority in the Russian Federation,
Central federal governmental authorities of the Russian Federation (Legislative, executive, judicial authorities),
Security Agencies for State authorities, Governmental authorities of the Russian Federation subjects, Current legal resources, etc.;

part two includes foreign web-sites:

Legal portals,
International institutions,
Legislations of the CIS members
Legislations of the world leading countries,
State authority of the foreign states,
Useful links etc.

Official Periodicals

The Guide purpose is to provide a distant user with complete reference information on official periodicals (Editions) in expressive and actual form.

The Guide has three-level structure and is provided with references. One can not only visually inspect a specific Edition but also know its publication date, periodicity of its issue, view its brief description and look through electronic versions of editions presented at the official web sites of the issuing bodies.

There is a search engine within the Guide as follows: through search for key words, visualizing of search for Editions with the help of running line of scanned book jackets. Presented version is anything but complete (more than a hundred of Editions are inventoried at the present time). Work on it continues.

The Guide faces problems as follows:
To cover with maximum completeness the list of Editions by State authorities of the Russian Federation, bodies, securing the state power of the Russian Federation, Governmental authorities of the Russian Federation subjects (at the present time, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow) on the terms of their availability in the NLR stocks and show current changes concerning a specific Edition that has been placed in the Guide.

Each Guide has Comments headings. Many distant users suggest the creators to place new addresses, give advisory opinions and recommendations. All the received information is taken into account and use for improving and actualization of the guides.

Contact information

Address:1/3 Ostrovskii Square
Telephone: (812) 718-86-91
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