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About us

Legislative information center (LIC) was established in the NLR in compliance with interdepartmental program "Creation the all-Russian network of public legislative information centers on the base of accessible libraries".

26 October, 1999 LIC started to work.

28 February, 2007 in the New building of NLR was opened a branch of LIC - Economic legislative information center (ELIC).

The main purpose of activity is free access for citizens to legislative information on the base of modern information technologies.

Users are offered the complex information reference and office services including printing and saving on electronic media results of searching.

Development stages

1999 OctoberOpening the Legislative information center
Access to legislative data bases: "ConsultantPlus", "Garant", "Codex", "Sistema"

2001 JanuaryWeb-page of the Center on the NLR's website

2002 JanuaryStatistics in electronic version

2002 MarchGuidebook on legislative resources in the Internet"

2004 AprilDaily update of reference and legislative systems

2005 MarchGuidebook "Official periodicals"

2006 MayVictory in competition of NLR for the best scientific and theoretical and industrial work in 2006 in the nomination "Works assisted in increasing of quality and efficiency of library service"
2006 SeptemberEdition of the Center's booklet

2007 FebruarOpening of "Economic legislative information center" in the New building of NLR

2007 March"Guidebook on economic resources in the Internet"

2007 March"Economic periodicals"

2008 FebruarEnglish version of guidebooks

2008 SeptemberA competition between jurists from St-Petersburg and Leningrad area "Pontific-2008"

2009 FebruarNew version of LIC's web-page

2009 October Transregional jurists' competition "Pontific-2009"

2010 November Transregional jurists' competition "Pontific-2010"

2010 November Legal advice in the Center

2011 May The Center won the Annual Competiotion of the NLR - for the elecronic guide "Periodicals on economy and law" in nomination "The works supporting the modern technologies in librarianship"
2012 September Transregional jurists' competition "Pontific-2012"
2013 OctoberTransregional jurists' competition "Pontific-2013"
2014 September Computer literacy competition for elderly people, members of "The Russian Pensioners’ Union"
2014 October 15-th Anniversary of the Center
2014 November Transregional jurists' competition "Pontific-2014"
2015 December Cooperation with the Saint-Petersburg Bar
Last updated: 2 June 2016
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