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Dear, visiters!

  1. LIC organized for self-dependent work
  2. Any citizen over 14 years old can become a user
  3. A special schedule was established for LIC
  4. User service is carried out in turn
  5. The time of user's work don't exceed two hours if there is a queue
  6. Legal counseling are not provided
  7. Data bases of reference and legal systems are updated daily
  8. The data could be: - Printed - Saved on electronic media (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD except Flesh Card) - Delivered by email

    Used only electronic media bought in the TSPI (except Flesh Card)
    View the rules of using the reading room of the NLR

For free:
- Self-search in Data bases
- Acquaintance with legal information
- Reception of the general recommendations about work with reference and legal systems
- Search for documents with the exact details with bibliographer (3 documents)

For a fee (View price list):
- Saving data on electronic media
- Printing documents
- Delivering documents by email
- Internet access, office applications, database of dissertations
- Training in independent work
- Searching documents without precise details, the difficult subject of requests by bibliographer
- Servicing natural and legal persons on a contractual basis

Last updated: 2 June 2016
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