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05.11.2016 Hi there, Just wanted to say thanks for creating your LEGISLATIVE INTERNET RESOURCES page I found some great resources on there that I hadn't seen elsewhere. Another site you might want to add to your page is 4LawSchool which has thousands of free case briefs and other resources for both students and practicing attorneys.
18.10.2016 Hi, I’m writing to you from, a website dedicated to conducting unbiased research about criminal justice education and career opportunities. Would you be interested in featuring our research on your web page.
Savannah Robinson, USA
22.09.2016 I’m with Best Colleges, a website dedicated to conducting data driven research about higher education in the United States. Visitors to your site might find these education references useful as well, can you share our research by including it as a link on one of your web pages?
Amanda Miller
Best Colledges, USA
01.09.2016 My name is Pam, from Discover Business Degrees.
I was searching for career resources with contents for assisting prospective college students, and I found your page here:
I also can’t help but notice that you linked to one of my favorite college search resources from last year:
Anyway, great work with the page!
Discover Business Degrees, USA
22.08.2016 I noticed The National Libr ary of Russia has valuable information and resources regarding education and other topic matter for students here.
Our organization would love to be included in this list.
Brittney Anderson
Find Your Context , USA
22.08.2016 My name is Mark and I run an acclaimed free addiction service in the UK called "Rehab Recovery". I provide a free helpline for people suffering from all manner of addictions. I am a retired businessman and following my own treatment for addiction and mental health problems.
Rehab Recovery, UK
05.08.2016 My name is Laura and I am a Mathematics teacher. I have been researching for good resource material for my summer program class and came across your page, It was complete and very useful so thank you for your helpful resource!
Laura Pipitone
22.06.2016 I noticed that you have teacher resources on economy, government and politics.
I enjoyed checking out the list that you compiled and so I thought of sharing the ones I have with you as well.
Caroline Hampton, Sanford, NC, USA
13.06.2016 First off, I wanted to compliment you on the page you have created at. I think it would be great if you could share our Free Legal Forms Library as an additional resource for your readers. Jamie Smith
FormSwift , San-Francisco, USA
03.06.2016 My name is Ashley Rose who works as an independent research analyst in the education sector. I recently visited your website while looking for education guidance. I have updated the information I was looking for on. Maybe you’d want to include this resource - How to Become A Police Officer.
27.04.2016 Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is John and I run a national drug and alcohol advice helpline. You can find my website here: To help local people find my website and utilise my free service, would it be possible for you to link to my website? I appreciate you may receive many emails of this nature, but I truly believe my helpline is of genuine value to your audience. John Aldridge, UK
04.04.2016 Good Morning! I am a Spanish student at the Complutense University of Madrid, I am doing work on the laws that apply in Russian libraries. You need to know the name of the laws that apply to libraries. Thank you very much ANA TERESA MARTINEZ GABALDON
03.03.2016 Hello, mein name is Elena and I am a PhD student from Germany (University of Bonn). For the next 2 months I will continue my researches for my PhD thesis in St.Petersburg. Therefore, I will also need access to legislative data bases and to legal literature ( scientific articles; textbooks; commentaries to legislative instruments). I would therefore like to know whether I am allowed to use the National Library or whether it only allows access to russian cirizens.
Elena Brandt, Germany
20.01.2016 Hi, my name is Rick Bridges and I'm the founder of Criminal Justice Paths. We're aiming to be a resource for those currenty in the criminal justice career field and those entertainig the idea of getting into the industry. We noticed that you had a links/resources page here. Is there any way that you might review or check out our website and consider it to be listed on that page? We're trying to spread the word about our new site and it would be really helpful.
11.01.2016 Hi, I see you’ve shared other useful websites for kids so I wanted to drop you a quick email and tell you about a resource page we’ve created that organizes the many excellent websites out there that can teach kids (or help parents and educators) about personal finance, business and economics.
I thought that it might supplement the other kid-friendly websites you have listed on this page of your site Best regards, Ross.

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