Legislative Internet Resources. About the Guidebook

Electronic Guidebook 'Legislative resources in the Internet' (further the Guidebook) was developed by the Legislative information center of the National Library of Russia.

The purpose of the Guidebook is to show the legislative resources (official websites of the governmental structures and the most asked-for websites on law), which are placed in the Internet in the visual structured form.

The Guidebook has three-level structure and consist of two parts:

I part - Russian web servers:
Governmental authority in the Russian Federation, Central federative bodies of the governmental authority of the Russian Federation (Legislative, Executive, Judicial authority), Bodies supplying governmental authority in the Russian Federation, Authorities of the constituent territories of the Russian Federation, Legislative resources of today and etc.

Besides the official websites of the governmental structures the Guidebook presents the material on others legislative resources (legislative portals, human rights organizations, legislative information centers, encyclopedias on law and etc.)

II part - Foreign web servers:
Foreign legislative portals, International organizations, Legislation of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Legislation of the world leading counties, Governmental authorities of the foreign countries and etc.

The presented version constantly fills up and edits.

New links, sections placed in the Guidebook are marked by information symbol Новое

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