The Fifth Zagrebin Readings
12-13 November 2009, Saint Petersburg,
the National Library of Russia

Useful Information

Phone Calls

Pay telephones can be found all over the city. These card-operated payphones are certainly available at metro stations and all hotels. The easiest way to find phone cards is at a metro station. You can buy phone cards at any metro ticket office, post-office, computer shop or bank, and at your hotel.

City Transport


Taxis working at the airports, railway stations, hotels, some restaurants and clubs have almost a monopoly for transportation, so the rates offered by them are much higher than the normal ones. Though many cars are equipped with meters, it is essential to agree on the cost of transportation before the trip, because drivers prefer to establish their own rates, very different from the amount shown by the meter. Some of the taxi companies are: Peterburg taxi - 068, phone 068, Taxi - phone 089, Eurotaxi - phone 380-13-13.

Private cars

When taking a taxi on the street, private cars may stop, too. If you wish to take a private car, determine the cost of the trip also before you pull out! For safety reasons, never get into the car if there are other passengers already in it.


This is the fastest mean of transportation in the city - though it is rather crowded, it is worth seeing the "underground palaces" of the 50 stations of the St. Petersburg metro, known as one of the world's most beautiful subway systems. Trains run at 3-minute intervals and the cost of a metro token is 20 rubles. If you go to your hotel, your metro stations will be: Moskovskaya (Hotel Park Inn Pulkovskaya) or Park Pobedy (Hotel Russia).

Buses, trolley buses and trams

Cost of a journey by municipal transport is 18 rubles.

Taxi Buses

Taxi buses ("marshrutka" in Russian) are minivans with capacity from 12 to 20 people, perfect for short trips in the city centre. Cost of such a trip is 24 rubles. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Money in Russia

As a rule, all prices are given in rubles. You can change foreign currency into rubles in banks or at special exchange offices.


Ruble is the monetary unit of Russia. There are notes of 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 rubles. There are coins of 1, 2, 5 rubles and 1, 5, 10 and 50 kopecks.

Currency exchange

Money can be easily changed at exchange offices located everywhere in the city, many of them are open 24 hours a day.

Never change money on the street to avoid being victimized by swindlers.

Credit cards

The most widespread are VISA and MasterCard payment systems. Diners' Club and American Express cards are rarely accepted. You can withdraw cash by card either at big banks or at ATM machines; the commission is lower when taking out money in rubles.

Department Stores

Bol'shoy Gostiny Dvor, Department store, 35 Nevsky pr.
Passage, Department store, 48 Nevsky pr.
DLT, Department store, 21/23 Bol'shaya Konushennaya str.
Moskovsky Department store, 205 Moskovsky pr., tel.293-44-55 [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Domestic Craft Shops, Souvenirs and Presents

Art crafts, 51 Nevsky pr.
Art-shop,1 Pobedy sq., Pulkovskaya hotel
Gzhel, salon-shop, 4/2 Nekrasova st.
World of stone, saloon-shop, 18 Tipanova str.


Austeria, Peter and Paul Fortress, Ioann's ravelin, tel. 238-4262
Graf Suvorov-Lieutenant Rzhevsky, 6 Lomonosova str., tel.315-4328
Dezhavu, cafeshantan, 30 Fontanka emb.,tel.273-4304
Kamelot, 22 Nevsky pr.,(enter from 14 Bolshaya Konushennaya str. ) tel.325-9906
Literaturnoye cafe, 18 Nevsky pr., tel. 312-6057
Onegin, club-restaurant 11 Sadovaya str.,tel. 117-8384
Sea Foods, bar-restaurant, 1 Pobedy sq., 6th floor, Pulkovskaya hotel
Steak-house, bar-restaurant, 1 Pobedy sq., 3rd floor, Pulkovskaya hotel


House of Books, 60 Nevsky pr.
Books salon, 20 Sadovaya str.

Post Offices

22/24 Nevsky prospect
39 Nevsky prospect
42 Nevsky prospect
24/26 Sadovaya ul
Metro station "Gostiny Dvor"
Metro station "Moskovskya"
Metro station "Mayakovskya" [an error occurred while processing this directive]

Consulates of Baltic Countries

Danish Consulate General St. Peterburg
Bol'shaja Alleja 13 (Kamenny island)
Metro station "Petrogradskaja", "Gor'kovskaja"
Phone : 234-37-55

Consulate General of Estonia in St. Petersburg
Bol'shaja Monetnaja ul. 14
Metro station "Gor'kovskaja
Phone: 233-55-48, 102-09-20, 102-09-24

German Consulate General St. Peterburg
Ul. Furshtatskaja 30
Metro station "Chernyshevskaja"
Phone: 320-24-00

Polish Consulate General St. Peterburg
Ul. 5th Sovetskaja 12/14,
Metro station "Ploschad' wosstanja"
Phone: 274-41-70

Consulate General of Sweden in St. Petersburg
Ul. Malaya Konyushennaya 1/3
Phone: 329-14-30, 329-14-40

Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg
Pr. Chernyshevskogo 17
Metro station "Chernyshevskaja"
Phone: 272-87-47

Consulate General of Latvia
199178; S-Petersburg, Vasilievsky island , 10 line, 11
t. +7(812) 3276053
f. +7(812) 3276052

Consulate General of Lithuania
191123, S-Petersburg; Ryleeva ul., 37
t. +7(812) 3270230
f. +7(812) 3272615

Consulate General of Kingdom of Norway
191186, S-Petersburg, Nevsky pr., 25
Tel: +7(812) 3366420
f. +7(812) 3366421

Emergency Phone

In case of emergency you may dial +7-921-961-1845 (24 hours).

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