The Fifth Zagrebin Readings
12-13 November 2009, Saint Petersburg,
the National Library of Russia

Visa Support

International participants arriving from outside Russia need visas to enter to the Russian Federation. A visa to the Russian Federation is a document permitting you to stay in Russia for a specific period of time.

We suggest two ways of obtaining a Russian visa to you:

Through a travel agency in your country.

Through the travel agency "Kosmos" in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

If you choose to use the travel agency "Kosmos" service, please submit your request for a visa by email. Email your request to Elena Pavlova at with the subject line: A participant of the international conference Codex Sinaiticus. You can also call her at +7-812-327-72-56 or fax at +7-812-327-74-29. Please, make sure you specify that you are a participant of the international conference Codex Sinaiticus with your request.

Contact details:
Tel: (812) 327-72-56
Fax: (812) 327-74-29

Please note, that obtaining a visa or receipt of visa support letter may take more than a month. We recommend that you begin your visa application process no later than 25 September 2009.

You can learn more information on Russian visas on website:

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