Voltairean Readings 2018: In memory of Vladimir S. Lublinsky (1903-1968)

On 1-2 November 2018, the Centre for Study of the Enlightenment “Voltaire Library” (Rare Books Department, National Library of Russia) is holding the conference ‘Voltairean Readings 2018’.

The National Library of Russia tradition of study relating to the Enlightenment has close links with the emblematic figure of Vladimir Sergeievich Lublinsky.

A historian of the European book, this eminent scholar was an internationally renowned Voltaire specialist. For many years, he oversaw the preparatory work for the Catalogue of Voltaire’s Library («Библиотека Вольтера. Каталог книг»), studied Voltaire-related collections outside of the National Library of Russia (known as the Public Library at the time), as well as many archival materials within the USSR. Indispensable to the community of Voltaire scholars, Lublinsky’s two-volume work, Voltaire’s Letters («Письма Вольтера», 1956) and Letters to Voltaire («Письма к Вольтеру», 1970), sub-titled New texts from Voltaire’s correspondence («Новые тексты переписки Вольтера»), constitutes the edition, with notes and commentary, of a great mass of previously unpublished materials from Russian collections. The second volume only appeared after Lublinsky’s death.

In the 1930s, Lublinsky began the project of transcribing and describing Voltaire’s marginalia in the books of his personal library. The end result of this long-term undertaking is the Corpus des notes marginales, of which the tenth and final volume is expected to appear in 2019.

This conference proposes to address the following questions:

  •  Vladimir Lublinsky and his study of voltairian textuality
  •  Historiography and source criticism of the Enlightenment
  •  Russian and Soviet historians of Enlightenment ideas
  •  To mark the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx: Marxism and Enlightenment thought

Papers can be given in either Russian or French.

Each participant is asked to speak for no longer than 15 minutes.

Travel and hotel costs to be covered by the participants.

The conference proceedings will be published in the following issue of Lectures voltairiennes.

Participants in the conference




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