Ostromir Gospel

Stamat Gospel

Stamat Gospel. Tetraevangelion
First half of 13th cent. Middle Bulgarian version. Scribe: Archpriest Stamat . Fragment

Q (202/207 142/147). 17 leaves. (16 + 1 marked with a letter).
Parchment. Ink, cinnabar, colours.

It is written in a uncial hand.

Folio 1v shows a portrait of St Matthew the Evangelist. Folio 2r has the interlaced head-piece in the Balkan style, done in cinnabar and ink.
Folio 1r bears a note of the scribe, who wrote the manuscript, where he left his name - Archpriest Stamat

The Gospel was acquired by the State Public Library with other manuscripts from the collection of the Russian Archaeological Society, that since 1924 formed a part of Academy of History of Material Culture, from which handwritten materials of the Society was transferred to the State Public Library.

Shelfmark: . . . -, 338.

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