Ostromir Gospel

Nikola Stanevich Gospel

Nikola Stanjevic Gospel. Complete Aprakos.
Mid-14th cent. Serbian version. Scribe: Monk Feoktist. Fragment

F (330 260). 1 leaves.
Parchment. Ink, colours, gold.

It is written in a uncial hand. Rascian Spelling.

There are two initials, executed in gold and paints: one initial is done in the Old Byzantine style, the other is in the Balkan style. Headings and large punctuation marks throughout the text are written in gold.

The National Library of Russia has only one leaf from the codex, which is kept on Mount Athos in Greece (the Hilandar Monastery, no. 14). The major part of the codex containts the scribe's inscription, noting his name, as well as the donation inscription, which records that this Gospel was given to the Hilandar Monastery by Duke Nikola Stanjevic (from the Northern Macedonia). The decoration of the manuscript shows the diversity of styles, which makes this memorial especially interesting to researchers.

In 1883 the manuscript came into the Imperial Public Library along with the material gathered by Archbishop Porfiry Uspensky.

Shelfmark: . F..I.86.

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