Ostromir Gospel


The third quarter of the 14th century . Serbian version

F (263/268 183/190). 183 leaves. Both the beggining and the end are lost, several leaves are missing from the middle part of the codex.
Parchment. Ink, colours, gold.

It is written in a uncial hand.

The illumination of the manuscript contains 3 Evangelist portraits of Matthew, Mark and Luke (on fols. 1v, 27v, 90v) painted in colours with use of gold, 3 head-pieces (on fols. 28r, 88r, 91r) and large initials in the New Byzantine style. Headings on fols. 28r, 88r, 91r are written in gold with use of ligatures.

The codex was discovered by Archimandrite Antonyn (Kapustin) in the Macedonian city Debar, near the border with Albania. The assumption is that this Gospel was created on Mount Athos. The illumination of the codex is allied with decoration of other manuscripts of the Holy Mountain, for instance, with the design of the Nikola Stanjevic Gospel ( 24: F..I.86).

In 1899 the manuscript came into the Imperial Public Library along with the other contents of the Archimandrite Antonyn Kapustin's colection.

Shelfmark: . F..I.114.

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