Tsarskoye Selo

Saarskaja Myza Tsarskoye Selo (1728-1918) Detskoye Selo (1918-1937) Pushkin (from 1937)

Main Gates of the Catherine's Palace

    Pushkin (the former Tsarskoye Selo), one of the most beautiful suburbs of Saint Petersburg, is the focus of the exhibition, held at the Cartography Department. The town is an ensemble of palaces and parks, located 25 km south of St. Petersburg.
    The town of Pushkin is world-famous for 18-19th century masterpieces of architecture, landscaped gardens and parkland.

    Peter the Great began building Saint Petersburg as a new imperial capital on the Gulf of Finland, in 1703. At this time, the area around the grand city was being developed. Tsarskoye Selo /Tsar's Village/ was built on the spot of the land where before was situated a Finnish estate, "Saarskaya Myza" /Saari Farmstead/. In 1708, Peter the Great gave this estate to his second wife, the future Empress Catherine I. Since the second half of the 18th century, Tsarskoye Selo became the summer residence of the Russian imperial family.
    The exhibition contains maps and plans from the Cartography Department's collections as well as postcards from the Print Department's collections, showing the town and its immediate vicinity from the end of the 18th century to the present.

Catalogue of the exhibition.

1. The Map of the Environs of Saint Petersburg. [St. Petersburg, 1796-1800]
2. The Topographic Map of Saint Petersburg Province.  [St. Petersburg],1834
3. The Plan of the Town of Tsarskoye Selo.  [St. Petersburg], 1844
4. The Plan of the Town of Tsarskoye Selo with its Environs. From the publication: 'Atlas of Tsarskoye Selo'. Including plans of the town and imperial gardens and parks. Comprehending detailed description of streets, lanes, public and private houses and water pipes. Author N.Tsilov. St. Petersburg, 1858.
5. The Plan of the Town of Tsarskoye Selo. 1867
6. Environs of Tsarskoye Selo.  St. Petersburg, 1901
7. Tsarskoye Selo. The Plan of the Town. Postcard. St. Petersburg, [1911]
8. The Plan of Tsarskoye Selo. [St. Petersburg], [1912]
9. The Park of Tsarskoye Selo. - St. Petersburg, 1901
10. Pushkin-Pavlovsk. The Map from the publication: 'Environs of Saint Petersburg: road-transport map with plans of towns and settlements'. Saint Petersburg, 1998
11. Pushkin-Pavlovsk. The Map from the publication: 'Saint Petersburg. 1703-2003: Anniversary atlas towards 300 years of the town'. St. Petersburg, 2003
12. Tsarskoye Selo. The General View. Postcard.  [1900-1904].
13. Tsarskoye Selo. The Main Gates of the Catherine's Palace. Postcard.  [1900-1904].
14. Tsarskoye Selo. Middle Street. Postcard.  [1904-1914].
15. Tsarskoye Selo. The Gostiny Dvor. Postcard. [ 1900-1904].
16. Plan of the Town of Detskoye Selo. Postcard. [1930-1937].
17. M.M.Breytkas. The Town of Pushkin. The Park. Postcard. 1939.
18. A.Skorospehov. The Town of Pushkin. The Grotto. Postcard. 1958.


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