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Tabula Russiae ex autographo, quod delineandum curavit Foedor filius Tzaris Boris desumta; et ad fluvias, Dwinam, Zuchanam, aliaque Loca, quantum ex tabulis et notitus ad nos delatis fieri poluit, amplificata: ac Magno Domino, Tzari, et Magno Duci Michael Foedrowits omnium Russorum Autocratori Wolodimeriae, Moscoviae et Novogardiae, Tzari Cazaniae, Tzari Astracaniae, Tzari Sibiriae Dedicato ab Hesselo Gerardo M.DC.XIII. [Amsterdam], 1613.
1 sh., 42x54 (50x60). Engrav.



Map of Russia is made up by the known Netherlandish geographer and cartographer Hessel Herrits. The map was published in Amsterdam in 1614. It is noted in its cartouche that it is performed according to autograph of czarevitch Fedor Borisovich Godunov, as well as according to maps and information which he could get additionally. Northeastern part of the map is brought to the Pyasina river. The Teneseya (Yenisei) river is shown to the westward from the river Pyasina. The Ob river is shown rising from the Kitaika lake. A part of Novaya Zemlya is shown conventionally.



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