Leonid Kulsharov. White Night.(Fragment). Сolour  Mezzotint. 1999Saint Petersburg in grafic arts of the late ХХth  centuryL. Kulsharov. White Night.(Fragment). 1999.
(from the Print Department's holdings)

   It is easy to fall under the spell of Saint Petersburg, the city of austere beauty and fascination. Many artists of the past and present were charmed with its magic. A mystery of the magnificent city stimulates their interest not only in the originality of the face of Saint Petersburg - streets, buildings, bridges - but in the unique atmosphire, spirit of the city.
  After the turn of the century much was done in Saint Petersburg toward celebrating 300 years of the city. There was published the album "History and Culture of Saint Petersburg in Graphic Arts" among other things. The creators prefaced this new book by a story - why it was created: "To restore the practice of antiquarian albums, established at the beginning of the 20th century, we wish to end the century with this collective publication that illustrates trends in St Petersburg graphic arts in the 1980s-1990s".
  This album is unparalleled in its contents. It contains works by grafic masters of different generations - covering both well-known artists and talanted youngsters, united with the only theme. The images present diverse perspectives on Saint Petersburg. One point of view presents grand views. The other witnesses city places, partly demolished in the course of time.

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