International Video Conference "Library Services on Three Continents"

Information letter


The National Library of Russia announces a call for papers for the International Video Conference "Library Services on Three Continents". Representatives of library institutions, associations and educational organizations from Eurasia, South America and Africa are invited to participate.

To participate, submit a video recording of your presentation on one of the suggested topics. The presentations will be combined and published with Russian and English subtitles on the website of the National Library of Russia and other professional resources.

The conference will be published in October 2022.

Topics for discussion:

  •  The place and role of the library in the country;
  • Library services;
  • Digital library services;
  • Cultural and educational activities;
  • International activities;
  • System of higher professional LIS education;
  • Further professional LIS education.

Format: video conference (collection of video reports)

Languages of the conference: Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese


  • Activities of national libraries;
  • The activities of the city/municipal libraries;
  • Professional LIS education.

Technical requirements for the video reports:

  • Duration no more than 10 minutes;
  • Video format: mp4, MOV;
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080).

You are invited to participate in the international video conference! Please inform the International Activities Department of the National Library of Russia at if you wish to make a presentation.