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Dear colleagues,

First-time users will need to register to use our service! When you register with us, you will be provided with a user-name (login) and a password. To register, please, send us information about the requesting Library by e-mail.

Required details for your registration:

  1. Name of your Library.
  2. Address with postal/ZIP code, street and PO Box, country.
  3. Information about contact person (name and e-mail address).
  4. Desired payment method.

The pages on the site of the National Library of Russia contain detailed "Help" for you. You can see: how to order an electronic copy of documents, how to check on the status of your orders, how to cancel the order, how to get the order from our FTP-server, processing time. You will have your personal page (your Account) in the database of the Internet-shop. You can check on the status of your orders as often as you like.

How to Pay for Your Order

There are two methods of paying for our services:

Prices for the libraries
One item up to 5 pages - up to A4 copy Half voucher or EUR 4.00 or $5.00/ per document
One item up to 15 pages - up to A4 copy Full voucher or EUR 8.00 or $10.00/ per document

Electronic Document Delivery Service
of the National Library of Russia
18, Sadovaja str.
St.Petersburg, Russia, 191069
Tel: + 7 (812) 718-86-77
Fax: + 7 (812) 310-61-48

Head of Electronic Document Delivery Service Olga Gurbanova
Chief Librarian Valeria Dvoretskova

We hope for fruitful cooperation.
Thank you!