Ostromir Gospel

Gospel Complete Aprakos

Gospel Complete Aprakos.
1393. Moscow. One of scribes: Deacon Spiridon

F (355 x 265). 207 leaves.
Parchment. Ink, cinnabar, colours.

It is written in a uncial script in two columns by several hands.

The decoration of the manuscript includes teratological head-pieces in colours (fols. 1v, 29v, 79r and 141rb) and large initials in the same style. Headings and small initial letters are written in cinnabar. Folios 207r bears the inscription of the scribe, Deacon Spiridon, which states that the manuscript was created in 1393 through blessing of Metropolitan of All Russia Kiprian (c. 1330-1406) and by order of Prince Vladimir Andreyevich (Prince of Serpukhov and Borovsk Vladimir Andreyevich the Bold (1353-1410)).

Gospel is one of the most interesting memorials not only because it is a real masterpiece of book arts, but because persons, connected with its creation, had a profound effect on the history and culture of Old Russia. In full measure, this relates to Deacon Spiridon, who copied the celebrated Kievan Psalter of 1397.

Until 1812 the manuscript belonged to K. F. Kalaidovich, then to P. K. Frolov. In 1813 it was placed on temporary deposit in the Imperial Public Library, and in 1817 was acquired for the Imperial Public Library' holdings.

Shelfmark: . F..I.18.

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