Ostromir Gospel

Copy of Ostromir Gospel

Copy of Ostromir Gospel.
Early 19th cent. (after 1806). Copyist: Alexander Ermolaev

F (305 202). 295 + I leaves.
Paper. Ink, yellow colour.

It is written in a civil cursive script of the nineteenth century.
A record of Alexei Olenin's questions about the circumstances of the discovery of the Ostromir Gospel and answers of Ja. Druzhinin, the private secretary Catherine II, is glued on the first leaf (fol. I). Fol. 1 also has a glued-on note of Alexander Yermolaev explaining marks used by him: that, which was underlined in the copy, - was written in red in the original; dots put under words in the copy indicate that, which was written in gold in the original.

Curator of the Manuscripts Department Alexander Yermolaev (1779-1828) produced this copy of the Ostromir Gospel, probably, soon after 1806, when the invaluable manuscript had come into the Imperial Public Library. The text of the Ostromir Gospel was copied by Alexander Yermolaev to the letter, word for word, line for line, with all superlinear marks and notes. He marked all features in the decoration of the book, made appropriate notes in the place of miniatures, designated head-pieces. The manuscript was intended for those who wished to study the Ostromir Gospel. It served as a surrogate of the original. The Yermolaev's copy was used for the first linguistic study of the Ostromir Gospel.

Shelfmark: . F.I.55.

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