Works of Semen Beliy and Korina Pretro also represent a contemporary St Petersburg graphic art. Laconic colour design and strict composition are typical for their plates which show the city without glossing over the truth. Nevertheless, to elevate the image of Saint Petersburg over ordinariness, the artists depict a festive city, adorned with flags and transparencies.
Korina Pretro.The Wind.  1980   Alexander Moscvitchev.  The Gorbaty /Bend/ Bridge. 1996
   Artists of the 1970s-80s employ a radically different approach to drawings in contrast to their recent predecessors. They stylize views of the city, transform composition in the ways that were
Semen Beliy. The Moscow Triumphal Arch. 1999

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  conventional in the past. For example, Alexander Moscvitchev produced an etching with bird's eye view of Saint Petersburg in a technique, which was typical for antique prints.

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