The city is described by Faina Vasilyeva, Leonid Kulsharov as mysterious, inconceivable for outsiders. Their works illustrate a wonderful phenomenon of the city's prolonged twilight, or the “white nights”. Angels, hovering in the clouds, arouse dramatic, alarming feelings.
   Many artists regard the city as inseparably linked with its well-known former inhabitants, "spirits", as if they lived in the northern capital up to now.
Faina Vasilyeva. Chapel. 1999
Igor Otroshchenko. Tchaikovsky, the Last October in Malaya Morskaya /Small Navy/ Street. 1999
Alexander and Valeriy Tragouts. Unit from Series 'Pushkin and we'. 1999.
   Works by Alexander and Valeriy Tragouts, Igor Otroshchenko depict the city in the light of life and arts of some remarkable people of Saint Petersburg. There is an inspirational city of Alexander Pushkin and tragic city of Ilya Tchaikovsky. The album "History and Culture of Saint Petersburg in Graphic Arts" brings together etchings, autolithographs, linocuts and woodcuts of morden artists to conjure up a vivid picture of life in the favourite city. The result was some magnificent volumes of prints, providing a valuable and very beautiful visual records of cultural life in Saint Petersburg during the late twentieth century for future generations.

Natalia Melnikova

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