Svetlana Zvonova shows a nearly fantastic city, where we find the characters of fairy tales. These mythological creatures decorate her works, created in the style of naive popular pictures of the 19th century, most often termed lubok pictures. The characteristic features of works by the youngters Eugene Konkov, Olga Gurina are deliberately simplified forms and laconic imagery that make Saint Petersburg in their artistic performance almost unrecognizable.
Eugene Konkov. The Moika River. 1999
Alexander Mazhuga. November. Nobels House on the Petrograd Side. 1999Svetlana Zvonova. Saint Petersburg. The Lion Bridge. 1999
Olga Gurina.The Griboyedov Canal. 1999
   Valeriy Babanov employs the same approach, but he succeeded in creating truly monumental views in small chamber sheets.
   The young graphic artist Alexander Mazhuga was fully fascinated at the particular autumnal charm of the northern, rainy city of Saint Petersburg and depicts buildings on the Petrograd Side, reflected in the cold waters of the river.
Valeriy Babanov. St.Petersburg. 1997

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