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Other Services

Charged Services

1. Bibliographical information services

  • Complex requests involving extensive source research and staff time

2. Reproduction of items in Library collections or customers matter

3. Expert examination for:

4. Patent research tel.: (812) 118-86-21, (812) 118-86-31

  • Automated search in required subject range for:
    • full-text descriptions of invention in the database Patents of Russia on CD-ROM
    • abstracts for descriptions of invention in the database World Inventions
    • trade marks (graphic and verbal description) in the database Trade marks, service marks and location information for goods
  • IPC indexing in required subject range

5. Guided tours of Library collections and Departments, including Library history

6. Subject-oriented book and image exhibitions, lectures and other public events on institutional or private request

7. Filming and photography of Library rooms and exhibitions

8. Loan of items from Library collections for filming or TV-recording

9. Advice and assistance in book selection for organizations and institutions

10. Making restoration paper, lamination

11. Shared use of Library Auditorium for public cultural events