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Service Regulations

The Shop is operated in strict compliance with the existing Russian legislation and regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Law of the Protection of Consumer Rights.

User requests sent vial E-mail are accepted on a 24-hr basis. Requests are handled during working hours 10:00 to 18:00.

As Russian legislation restricts transactions with minors, requests from clients under 18 are not accepted.

By completing the procedures specified in "Request Formulation" section, the buyer accepts the Internet Shop operating rules. A request is considered as accepted on the administrator receiving the Buyer's acknowledgement via E-mail or by telephone. On receiving the said acknowledgement, the Shop undertakes to deliver requested goods to the buyer within the period of time specified in "Request Formulation" section, and the buyer undertakes to accepted requested goods and effect payment of the type chosen when completing the request.

1.2. Termination of purchase
The buyer can terminate any unpaid request with the soonest possible notification of Internet Shop administrator.

1.3. Return of purchase
The buyer can return any purchase in the procedure specified by Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Law of Consumer Rights. Return costs are covered by the Internet Shop.

1.4. Warranty
The NLR Publishing Office Internet Shop provides all the safeguards stipulated by RF legislation for this type of goods. The guaranteed period is included in relevant specifications. Details of warranty police are available at the office via E-mail or telephone.

Any claims should include a filled-in warranty coupon and a written statement of the claim on the quality of the product (in compliance with the Law of the Protection of Consumer Rights Art. 20 Cl. 1). During the guaranteed period, repair is free of charge provided the consumer has complied with requirements for use and preservation. The needed repairs are performed, on supplier's expert opinion, within 20 days from the return date, excluding the shipping period.

The necessary conditions for replacement of faulty goods are: complete return and a filled-in warranty coupon (as stipulated by the Law of the Protection of Consumer Rights Art. 18 Cl. 5).

The Warranty is invalid with sealing destroyed or evidence of attempted breaking; damage of the product caused by natural disaster, fire, domestic conditions; damage of mechanical nature or due to non-compliance with preservation or use requirements.

The Warranty is not applicable to products and accessories having limited service life. Goods of adequate quality cannot be returned or replaced (according to RF Government Decision No. 55 of 19.01.1998)