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The 8th All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Library collections in the digital era: traditional and electronic resources, acquisition and use.”.
(March 26 – 30, 2018, St. Petersburg)

Cultural program


March, 28 (Wednesday))

Bus tour «Silent inhabitants of St. Petersburg» («Extraordinary monuments»)

During the tour guests are going to meet with the most interesting monuments and sculptures of St. Petersburg. The passage through the tunnel to the recently opened territory on the Cats’ Island, where you will find a sculpture of the cat, will be a surprise.
The list of interesting objects expecting tourists includes funny lattice (an illustration to the poem «The Giant Roach»), the youngest angel of the city, the huge three-headed dragon, the statue of Mumu (the dog, hero of Turgenev's story) and much more.
Each monument has its own unique history and is established not by accident. At the monuments devoted to the janitor, the water carrier, the lamplighter and the photographer, guide will tell you many interesting details about these professions. Tourists will find out why the monuments to Domenico Trezzini, the first architect of St. Petersburg as well as to the horse-tram, to young hare and to the cat take place on the Vasilievsky Island.

The tour starts at 18:00
Duration is 4 hours
Tour cost is 850 rubles

March, 29 (Thursday)

Bus tour "Theatrical Petersburg"

Excursion introduces the history of the appearances of the first theaters in the city on the river Neva, the special aspects of their development and with the modern theatrical life. Tourists can learn many interesting details about the buildings of the theaters, their stage directors, actors and repertoire. The tour includes sightseeing of the most famous and popular theaters of St. Petersburg.

The tour starts at 18:00
Duration is 4 hours
Tour cost is 850 rubles

March, 30 (Friday)

Bus tour “The Fatherland for us is Tsarskoye Selo” with a visit to the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum

For the first time, Pushkin came to Tsarskoe Selo at the age of 12. He spent 6 years in the Imperial Lyceum, where the Russian elite were educated at that time. There Pushkin found a circle of friends, received an encyclopedic education and wrote his first verses.
While walking around the Lyceum gardens, visitors, accompanied by the sounds of an ancient flute, enjoy looking at the Chesme Column and the statue of "The Girl with the Jug", praised by the poet. In a small garden tourists will see the monument to Pushkin as a Lyceum Student, which became a symbol of the town of Pushkin.
In 1831, after marrying Natalia Goncharova, Pushkin rented “a dacha” in the wooden summer house of A.Kitaeva, the widow of the court chamberlain. There he spent his best months with a beautiful wife.
Guests are going to learn about the works written in that period of his life and about people visiting the poet there.

The tour starts at 15:00
Duration is 4 hours
Tour cost is 1100 rubles

March, 31 (Saturday)

Bus tour “The charm of noblemen’s estates” with a visit to the Nabokov’s estate “Rozhdestveno”

Exciting and special excursion "Noblemen’s Estates of the North-West" allows inhabitants and visitors of the Northern capital not only to contact lightly the history, but to feel the spirit of past centuries as well. Participants of the excursion get acquainted with way of life of classical manorial estates and also will be able to see how the rich people of that time lived.
Tourists visit the estate of the famous Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov in the village of Rozhdestveno. That is where, in the small and cozy place located in the center of the village, the picturesque family estate was built in the 18th century. The beauty of this place is very well depicted not only in the Nabokov’s works, but also in the pictures of Russian painters I.Shishkin and I.Kramskoy.

The tour starts at 10:00
Duration is 5 hours
Tour cost is 1350 rubles

Minimum number of participants is 10.

For more information on the cultural program please contact:
Gravshina Zlata Nikolaevna
Tel.: 8-952-236-31-96;
E-mail: vgravshina@mail.ru

Payment for chosen excursions is possible at the conference registration desk on March 26, 2018 and within next days of the conference.

Meeting place for tour participants is at the entrance of the new building of the National Library of Russia (Moskovskiy pr, 165) 20 minutes before the departure.