The Author/Title Catalogue of Books in Armenian (1623- )

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The Author/Title Catalogue of Books in Armenian is a exact copy of the Library's card catalogue. Catalogue cards have been scanned and can be viewed via the web.

The catalogue consists of some sections. A typical section comprises about 50 cards, each one numbered sequentially. The Catalogue Search identifies the guide card, which is at the beginning of each section. To see the contents of a section, press the guide card.

The catalogue is arranged in Armenian alphabetical order by un-transliterated author name or title word.
If necessary, you can use our virtual keyboard to enter search terms in Armenian.

The catalogue covers Armenian materials printed from 1623 to the present day.

The catalogue contains records for publications in Armenian language held in the Department of National Literatures in Languages of the Former Soviet Union. The catalogue includes entries for books, and serial titles.

The catalogue comprises over 64 thousand cards. Catalogue records, written in Armenian script, contain full bibliographic details of the title. The records include Armenian-Russian translations of titles.

The Library is working on a conversion of the catalogue to machine-readable form. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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