Information Services

Access to the Electronic Catalogue

You can find books, journals, newspapers, prints and other items from our collections using the Library Online Сatalogues. They offers search by author, title, subject heading and some other search terms. The online catalogues are available to all Internet users. Within the Library, access to the Electronic Catalogue is provided in the Computer Areas (in the New Building) and in the E-Resources Room in the Main Building.
Over time, all details of the Library items will be listed in the ELECTRONIC CATALOGUE. At present, information on materials of some special collections are presented in the form of arrays of scanned cards and in the separate databases.
If you need help to search the catalogues, ask the reference specialists in the reading rooms or send an enquiry through online form.

Access to the Card Catalogues

The General Classified Catalogue of the Main Library Holdings as well as the Author/ Title Catalogue of European Books are openly available on the second floor of the New Building. Another Classified Catalogue and the Author/ Title Catalogue of Russian Books are located on the first floor of the Main Building.
If you need help to search the catalogues, ask the reference specialists in the reading rooms or send an enquiry through online form.

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Access to the Remote Subscription Resourses

You can view the remote subscription resourses in the Computer Areas  and Digital Library Room in the New Building, as well as in the E-Resources Room in the Main Building.

 List of Resourses (partly in Russian). If necessary, a reference specialist will help you to save and print the materials found.

Access to the NLR Digital Library

All the Library collections, exept copyrighted materials, can be viewed without ever leaving home. You can access documents restricted by copyright law at the Computer Areas and in the Digital Library Room in the New Building, as well as in the E-Resources Room in the Main Building.

Internet Access

Many reading rooms have computers where you can access the Internet, for free. The Computer Areas and Digital Library Room in the New Building, as well as in the E-Resources Room in the Main Building are the best equipped to do so.
Moreover, all Library locations offer free wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) in public areas at all times the Library is open. For help in connecting to the Library's Wireless Network, contact a reference librarian.


In the reading rooms, the Reference Specialists can:

  • assist and advice readers at the Reference Desks in the reading rooms and in the Computer Areas;
  • answer reader inquiries using reference and bibliographic publications from our collections, as well as the Electronic Catalogue of the National Library of Russia, databases on CDs.

The Reference Service also offers reference assistance to remote users. You can ask some reference questions to our librarians by e-mail: The responses to inquiries will be sent to your e-mail address.

Information on Item Availability

If you have not found an item in our catalogues, ask the question to the librarians through online form or by e-mail: To help us, specify the exact details of the author’s name and the publication date.
The answer will be sent to your e-mail address.

Additional Paid Services

A wide range of professional services are provided by the Information and Service Center. You needn't have a library card to use the Center services, because it has an independent entrance from the Sadovaya street.

The Center staff will help you:

  • search electronic resources, including online bibliographic and full-text databases;
  • save search results  to removable media, typically either a disk or USB flash drive;
  • print out search results;
  • use our catalogues and resourses.

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Legislative Center

The Legislative Center offers services to visitors and remote users. In the Center, you can access online law information, economic resources and legal reference systems for free of charge. If you need help to use computers or Internet resources, the Center staff will help you to find required documents.

Legal information can be printed out or saved to electronic media such as CDs/DVDs, USB devices, etc.
The Legislative Center also offers legal consultations for visitors.
Remote users can order thematic selections of legal documents for academic and research  purposes. The above services are provided for a fee.

Legislative Center Rooms are located in the Main and New Buildings.

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'Recovered Names' Center

The Center provides consulting assistance in searching the killed and missing during WWII and the Siege of Leningrad as well as repressed persons during the Soviet era.

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Genealogy and Family History

The Genealogy Center specialists offer consulting services to persons, compile generation tables, provide written certificates, expert reports of genealogical documents and other materials on family history.

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