Federal Document Conservation Center

The Federal Document Conservation Center cares, restores and prevents the National Library's materials from damage and deterioration.

The specialists of the Center offer services on restoration, lamination, bookbinding, preventive conservation of books, manuscripts and other items. The professional staff do a complete cleaning of books to reduce mold infestation, wear and acid degradation. Our experts conduct inspections of stock areas to identify potential problems; carry out mass deacidification of items to slow decay of paper. They also process leather bindings to stabilize and make it long lasting.

The Center incorporates the Research Laboratory, the Preventive and Long-term Conservation and Restoration Sectors. The Research Laboratory undertakes microbiological and chemical technology research. The research staff includes qualified chemists, microbiologists, engineers. The Conservation Sector employs technical staff and desinfectors, and the Restoration Sector has professional restorers, including bookbinders, on the staff. There is an engineering support team responsible for equipment.

On the basis of its studies, the Center publishes monographs and numerous scientific papers, training materials and guidelines.

It developes science-based conservation methods and standards. Our specialists produce materials and devise technologies for restoration of library items.

The National Library provides opportunities for study and skills development for conservation and restoration specialists. The FDCC organizes and conducts training workshops, webinars, conferences and seminars; offers internships.

The Center staff are also engaged in international training programmes and reseach projects.

We will welcome collaboration agreements with international library, archival and museum professionals.

Contact Information

Head of the Center Alexandra Goryaeva

Address: 36, Fontanka Embankment, 191104, St. Petersburg, Russia

Tel.: +7(812) 272-29-48

E-mail: goryaeva@nlr.ru