Information for Journalists

Here journalists will find information about interviewing, filming and photography at the Library, including how to make a request to interview or film.

Please contact the Press Service when requesting interviews, images, invitations to our events.

The Press Service is the official link between the National Library of Russia and the mass media. We work with newspapers, magazines, online and broadcast media. The Press Service collects and updates information about our library, archive of photographs, video films and media publications concerning the NLR. It organizes and supports press conferences, briefings, presentations etc.

The Press Service provides journalists with reliable information for video-stories, newspaper articles and other materials on TV and radio, in print, and online.

You can contact our Press Service for:

  • Up-to-the-date information about our world-famous collections, our events and exhibitions and how to access our experts.
  • Interviews with our directors, heads of the departments and leading experts of the NLR.
  • Filming and photo opportunities.
  • Television and radio broadcasts.

We also post information about our events online.


The availability of the accreditation is indispensable for journalists to work in the National Library of Russia.
All filming, interviews and photography must be arranged directly through the press service on request. To get all the images, interviews etc. that you require, please follow the simple guidelines.


Requests shoud be sent to the press service by e-mail -

Please note! We will only respond to e-mails from journalists.

Requests must be written on an editorial form and addressed to the Director General of the National Library of Russia Alexander Pavlovich Vershinin and be signed by the responsible manager (chief editor).

The request must include:

  • subject of the interview,
  • list of questions,
  • estimated shooting date,
  • estimated location of filming (New Building of the National Library of Russia (Moscow Prospect, 165/2), Main Building (Sadovaya street, 18) ...),
  • estimated date and place of publication (broadcast)
  • equipment list,
  • editorial and correspondent contact details.

To get accreditation for some events, you should produce passport details, we will inform you about it in advance.


All images and photos from the news section of the Library website may be used for free, with mandatory reference to the source and author.
The publication of photos of copyright protected items, shown at temporary exhibitions, is permitted ONLY for the duration of the exhibitions.
If you need high-quality images, please contact the NLR Press Service.


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Contact Information
Head of the Press Service Anna Kazalova
Leading Public Relations Specialist Irina Morozova
Contact tel./fax: +7(812) 718-85-60