The Georgian Periodicals and Serials Catalogue.

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The online catalogue was created by scanning the similar card catalogue and represents the database of electronic card images. You may search it by title of a publication. Case does not matter. Do not include punctuation.
The catalogue divided into sections headed by guide cards which represent the letters of the Georgian alphabet. Just enter the first letter of the title in the search box above. The Catalogue Search returns records, matching Your Search, in the form of the list of nearby guide cards in alphabetical order. To see the contents of a section, press the guide card.

The catalogue contains records for periodical and serial publications in Georgian held in the Department of National Literatures.
It covers Georgian materials printed from 1852 to the present day. The Georgian Periodicals and Serials Catalogue comprises about than 1700 titles, including 179 newspapers published before 1917. New titles are added to the catalogue regularly.

The catalogue records, written in Georgian script, contain full bibliographic details of the title. The records include Georgian-Russian translations of titles.
The catalogue records are arranged in order of the Georgian alphabet. In order to view the Georgian text correctly, you should have one of Unicode fonts installed on your computer. (See Unicode Fonts).

The catalogue is a work in progress. We apologize for any errors, they will eventually be detected and corrected. If you find errors, please contact bibliographers in the reading rooms or e-mail us your comments at E-mail:


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