Economical Internet Resources. About

Electronic guidebook 'Economic resources in the Internet' (further Guidebook) was developed by the Economic legislative information center of the National Library of Russia.

The purpose of the Guidebook is to show the economic resources, which are placed in the Internet in the visual structured form.

The Guidebook has three-level structure and consist of two parts:

I part - Russian web servers:
Economic block of the state jurisdictions of the Russian Federation, principal portals on economy and finances, analytics and prognostication in economy, Structure of the financial system of Russian economy, Economic sector, Foreign-economic activity and etc.

II part - Foreign web servers:
International organizations, International financial Institutes, Portals, Working papers and etc.

The presented version constantly fills up and edits. Will be created new sections.

New links, sections, placed in the Guidebook marked by information simbol Новое

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