Legislative and reference system. The complete set of databases among them there are: the Legislation of the Russian Federation, Judiciary practice, Financial consultations, Legislation comments, Bills, the International legal certificates, Forms of documents, Documents of the USSR, Reviews, the Help information, Books, Magazines etc. Search in a card of requisites, the legislative navigator, the qualifier of legislative certificates, in publication sources, contextual search etc. More than 10 million documents. Updating daily.


Legislative and reference system. The Legislation of the Russian Federation: Bank, Housing, Customs legislations; Land tenure; Criminal and Administrative law; Taxes; Accounting; Business; Explanations; Comments; Schemes; Electronic dictionary «the Practical encyclopedia of the bookkeeper»; Judicial, arbitration practice; Projects of laws; Business inquiries; Dictionaries «Business and Law», «the Finance, taxes, accounting». An uniform search line, and also search in requisites, in publication sources, in a situation, in an explanatory dictionary. More than 9 million documents. Updating daily.


Legislative and reference system. International law; the Legislation of Russia; the Economic legislation of Russia; Book keeping and the taxation of the organizations; Legal regulation of building and housing and communal services; Bases of legal regulation of thermal power station; the Legislation of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, including archive of the legislation of St.-Petersburg; Norms of a rule, standards of Russia; Territorial building norms; judicial and other practice; Comments, consultations, examples of documents, the Help information, the General layout of St.-Petersburg. Various kinds of search are offered: attribute, intellectual, on a situation. There are more than 2 million documents. Updates daily.

FSS of Russia

The state system of distribution of legal certificates (ГСРПА) in electronic form
‘Legislation of Russia’. An official database of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. It is an information and legislative system, which includes four databases: the Legislation of the Russian Federation, the Code of laws of the Russian empire, Official periodicals, and the Regional legislation. More than 1,5 million documents. Updates weekly. ‘The legislation of Russia’ includes documents since 1937. Federal constitutional laws of the Russian Federation, federal laws of the Russian Federation, decrees and orders of the President of the Russian Federation, the decision and the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, legal certificates of subjects of the Russian Federation etc.